Do I need council approval for me renovation

28/10/2019, by admin, 0 comments

There are Three pathways in NSW for residential developments. Exempt Development, Complying Development and Development that requires Local council approval…

Introduction to Development Application (DA)

28/10/2019, by admin, 0 comments

A Development Application is an official request for permission to start a development. A development could be the construction or…

What is Basix Certificate

28/10/2019, by admin, 0 comments

Building or renovating a home will require a Basix certificate. The Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) is part of NSW planning…

What is Complying Development Certificate

28/10/2019, by admin, 0 comments

Complying Development is an NSW fast-tracked approval pathway for common residential and commercial development. Your building project must meet specific…

A Brief Guide to lodging a Development Application (DA)

16/01/2019, by Sam George - Building Designer, 0 comments

The requirements for lodging a Development Application (DA) may somewhat vary between various councils however the following five steps are…

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