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Why DA is Required

27/02/2019, by Sam George - Building Designer, in Development Application, 0 comments

A DA consent by local council (or similar approval) is required for all new buildings and major renovations that have impact on the environment or may affect the amenity of the surrounding residents.

The aims of a Development Application (DA) are:

  1. Ensure the developments do not have negative impact on the environment.
  2. Balance public and private interest in terms of desired/future character of the area.
  3. Provide a non-biased process that allows members of the community to raise issues and ensure that the outcome is balanced.
  4. Ensure that the local services and infrastructure are adequate.
  5. Ensure structural safety, enough ventilation and sunlight.

The State and Local legislation set the rules that control developments on your land. The planning system has the following structure:

  1. Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979
  2. Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000
  3. Environmental Planning Instruments:
    a. State Environmental Planning Polices (SEPPs)
    b. Local Environmental Plans (LEPs)
  4. Development Control Plans

For more information refer NSW Planning Portal

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